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Messor structor is a polygynous species, meaning that it has multiple queens per colony. This unique social structure allows for increased colony stability and productivity. The colony size of Messor structor can reach up to 5,000 workers, making it a medium-sized ant colony in comparison to other species.

When it comes to the development rate, Messor structor falls into the medium category. This means that the colony will progress at a moderate pace, allowing you to observe and study the fascinating life cycle of these ants.

Let’s take a closer look at the size and coloration of Messor structor:

  • Queen: The queen of Messor structor measures around 10-12mm in length. Her majestic presence and importance in the colony cannot be overlooked.
  • Workers: The workers, on the other hand, are smaller in size, ranging from 4-7mm. They play a crucial role in the daily functioning and maintenance of the colony.
  • Majors: There are also majors within the colony, which are larger workers measuring 7-10mm. These specialized individuals have specific tasks and responsibilities within the community.
  • Color: Messor structor is characterized by a dark, reddish-brown coloration, giving them a distinct appearance.

When it comes to nutrition, Messor structor is a versatile species that relies on a combination of food insects and seeds. Their diet includes cockroaches, crickets, and different types of seeds. This varied diet ensures that the colony receives all the necessary nutrients for its growth and development.

Creating the ideal environment is crucial for the health and well-being of any ant colony. The following are the recommended humidity and temperature ranges for Messor structor:

  • Humidity: In the arena or foraging area, the humidity should be maintained between 30-50%. In the nest area, the humidity should be higher, ranging from 70-90% to provide the optimal conditions for the ants.
  • Temperature: For the arena, the temperature should range between 18-30 °C, while in the nest area, a stable temperature of 22-23 °C is recommended. These temperature ranges mimic the natural habitat of Messor structor and promote their overall well-being.

Messor structor is known for its peaceful nature, making it a great choice for ant enthusiasts. Despite being a polymorphic medium-large ant species, they are not overly aggressive. This makes them easier to handle and observe, even for beginners in the ant-keeping hobby.

Native to Eastern Europe, Messor structor exhibits fascinating behaviors and characteristics that are worth exploring. They are divided into castes, with individuals taking on specific roles and responsibilities within the colony. This structured social organization contributes to the efficiency and success of the overall community.

Their primary source of food is grains, and they are efficient foragers, constantly searching for resources to sustain the colony. This behavior can be observed and studied closely, offering a unique glimpse into the world of Messor structor.

If you are considering breeding Messor structor, it is important to provide them with appropriate nest options. The following materials are recommended for creating a suitable nesting environment:

  • Acrylic: This material offers visibility and allows you to observe the intricate workings of the colony.
  • Cork: Cork nests provide a natural feel and help regulate moisture levels.
  • Plaster: Plaster nests can be easily customized and provide a stable structure for the ants.
  • Aerated Concrete: This material provides insulation and helps maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions.

By offering suitable nesting options, you are ensuring the comfort and well-being of your Messor structor colony, which in turn will promote their overall health and productivity.

Messor structor is a captivating ant species that offers a unique perspective into the world of ants. Their peaceful nature and fascinating behaviors make them a popular choice for ant enthusiasts of all levels. With their polygynous colony structure and moderate development rate, Messor structor never fails to intrigue and excite its keepers. By providing them with the right conditions, nutrition, and a suitable nest, you can establish a thriving Messor structor colony and enjoy observing their daily activities. So why wait? Dive into the world of Messor structor and unlock the wonders of this incredible ant species!

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