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Welcome to the world of ants! The Formicarium “M” is the perfect starting point for your very own ant colony. This large formicarium is designed to accommodate both small and large ant colonies, making it suitable for beginners and experienced ant keepers alike.

The Formicarium “M” has the following dimensions:

  • Main Structure: 20x23x10 cm
  • Arena: 20x9x13 cm
  • Nest: 20×15 cm
  • Chamber Height: 9 mm

The formicarium features a hole specifically designed for a 10mm tubing on the arena, allowing easy connection with other ant habitats or foraging areas.

The Formicarium “M” boasts a range of features that ensure the utmost comfort and safety for your ant colony:

  • 2 Watering Chambers: The formicarium includes two dedicated chambers for watering your ants. This allows for easy hydration and maintenance of the colony’s environment.
  • 3 Shifting Walls: The living space of the ants can be easily expanded by shifting the walls within the formicarium. This enables the colony to grow and thrive as their population increases.
  • Open Slot Cover: The formicarium is equipped with an open slot cover, providing easy access for feeding and observing the ants. This allows you to interact with your ants without disrupting their habitat.
  • Additional Protection: To prevent accidental opening of the last slider, the Formicarium “M” features additional protection measures. This ensures that your ants remain secure within their habitat at all times.

The Formicarium “M” is suitable for housing a variety of ant species, including but not limited to:


  • Camponotus fellah
  • Camponotus ligniperda
  • Camponotus maculatus

These species are known for their small to medium colony sizes, which make them ideal inhabitants for this formicarium.

The Formicarium “M” has a generous capacity, capable of housing approximately 1000-2000 ants. This ample space allows your ant colony to grow and thrive, providing them with the living space they require for optimal development.

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