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Introducing the “L” formicarium – a spacious and versatile habitat designed specifically for your ant colonies. This formicarium is ideal for both small and large colonies, making it the perfect choice for ant enthusiasts of all levels.

With dimensions of 30x32x13 cm, the “L” formicarium offers ample space for your ant colony to thrive. The arena measures 30x11x13 cm, providing a spacious area for ants to forage and explore. The nest, measuring 30×20.5 cm, offers a comfortable and secure place for your ants to establish their colony.

One important feature of the “L” formicarium is its chamber height. At 12 mm, it ensures that ants have enough vertical space to move freely and build their intricate tunnels and chambers. To enhance the versatility of the formicarium, it comes with a new layer and colored cover, allowing you to create different environments for your ants.

  • Holes for Hose: The “L” formicarium is equipped with 4 holes, each measuring 15 mm in diameter, to accommodate hoses and ensure proper ventilation for your ant colony. Two of these holes are located in the arena, while the other two are strategically placed in the slot for easy access.
  • Irrigation Chambers: With 3 irrigation chambers, the formicarium provides a convenient way to maintain the optimal humidity levels for your ants. These chambers make it easy to regulate moisture and support the overall health and well-being of your ant colony.
  • Expandable Space: The “L” formicarium features 6 shifts, allowing you to increase the living space for your ants as the colony grows. This adaptability ensures that your ants always have enough room to thrive and encourages natural expansion.
  • Opening Socket Cover: The formicarium is designed with an opening socket cover, providing easy access to the nest area for maintenance and observation. This feature ensures that you can monitor the growth and behavior of your ant colony without disturbing their natural habitat.
  • Enhanced Security: The “L” formicarium incorporates additional protection to prevent the accidental opening of the last slider and the arena. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing that your ant colony is safe and secure from any potential disruptions.

The “L” formicarium is perfectly suited for large ant species. However, it is also a suitable habitat for small and medium ants, allowing you to diversify your ant collections and enjoy the fascinating behavior of different species.

We recommend settling a colony of 25-50 workers in the first chamber of this formicarium, as it provides a cozy space for a small colony to establish their nest and grow. Regardless of the colony size, the “L” formicarium offers the perfect environment for your ants to thrive.

With a capacity to house approximately 1500-3000 ants, the “L” formicarium provides ample space for your colony to flourish. It can even accommodate more ants if you have smaller species. The formicarium is specifically designed to support the natural behavior and growth of ants, ensuring they have a suitable and spacious home.

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