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  • To view goods by category use the menu at the top of the homepage. The search box will help you to find a specific item. Click on the image or the name of the item to get information about it. All the information provided on the Site (description / photo) is illustrative. Descriptions may not always be exhaustive, there may be unintentional inaccuracies or no description at all. We regularly check the accuracy of the information on the goods and correct any inaccuracies as soon as possible. In the event of any queries regarding the characteristics of the goods, we recommend that you make an enquiry on the "Contact" page before placing your order.
  • Prices are in euros and include 20% VAT. Goods at regular prices may be eligible for an automatic e-shop discount and the prices of these goods may differ from the retail prices. The prices of goods sold online are indicated with the goods.  
  • Stock is updated once a day (we display availability according to the morning stock) and may therefore differ from reality. It may happen that the stock runs out before the catalogue is updated. In this case, we will contact you and, by mutual agreement, replace the product or cancel the order. If the order is cancelled due to stock running out, we will refund your money within 14 working days.


  • Product info page: enter the quantity of the goods you want (if necessary, also the options of the goods, e.g. colour, size, etc.) and click "Add to cart". The selected goods will automatically be added to your shopping cart in the desired quantity.
  • General page: click "Add to cart".
    -  If the item does not have selectable options - the selected item will be automatically added to your shopping cart in the quantity of 1 item.
    -  If product cant be added to cart without selecting product options - You will be redirected to the product information page, where you can select the options of the goods and the desired quantity. After that, click "Add to cart" again. The selected goods will automatically be added to your shopping cart in the desired quantity.
  • Cart: and the number of goods it contains are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page. By clicking on the shopping cart, you can edit, add and remove items from it.


If, due to circumstances beyond your control, it is not possible to deliver the order (wrong mobile number on the order form / no answering number / no courier at the destination) - we reserve the right to cancel the order and deduct the cost of transport from the refund.





  • You want a specific colour





In order to return an order/product, you must first fill in the returns form on the "Contact" page.
Only after you have received a reply from customer service - will your return be accepted!

  • Substandard products (out of date or manufacturing defect), we undertake to exchange the substandard goods for new goods of good quality, for other goods of the same price range or for another good on settlement.
    - Zoomaailm will organise and pay for the return transport of substandard goods.

  • Quality products can be returned within 14 calendar days of delivery to the buyer, provided the goods have not been used and the packaging, including all leaflets and labels, has retained its commercial appearance.
    - The return transport of Quality Goods shall be organised and paid for by the Customer.

Returns to:

  • Central warehouse: Send the unsuitable goods to our central warehouse at Reti tee 10, Peetri, Harjumaa, 75312, Estonia - as soon as we receive the parcel and check its completeness - we will refund the money to the account you used to pay for the order.
  • Zoomaailm store: Return the unsuitable goods to one of Zoomaailm stores (addresses, contact details and opening hours can be found at: ). The store will forward the parcel to the central warehouse - as soon as we receive the parcel and check that it is complete - we will refund the money to the account you used to pay for the order.




In a situation where we have to refund part or all of the payment to the customer - we will refund the money back to the account from which the order was paid.
In order to protect the interests of our customers and www.zoomaailm.ee, we do not refund money in cash or to another bank account!



  • Replacement of goods in a store and/or central warehouse:
    As the goods are purchased from an online shop, the billing is done through the online shop channels. (This means that it is not possible to pay extra for a more expensive item in the shop or get a cash refund for the price difference if you choose a cheaper item.)

  • Replacement of goods with a transport service:
    -  Courier service with returns: in one visit, a courier will take the unsuitable goods from you and deliver a replacement;
    -  Parcel locker service with returns: the replacement goods will be delivered to the parcel locker and you will receive an SMS notification. The SMS message will contain a return code, which will open a box in the parcel locker for you to enter the return.
    In order to exchange the goods with the transport service, you will need to fill in a declaration on the "Contact" page.




Zoomaailm is not responsible for product defects.


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