Complete (wet) feed IAMS Delights adult, with delicious salmon and trout in jelly 85 g

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IAMS Delights Adult with Delicious Salmon & Trout in Jelly is a 100% complete and balanced premium wet food for adult cats. Made with quality ingredients and combined with an irresistible taste to promote healthy vitality and delight your cat. This delicious recipe will allow you to feel confident every day that your cat is gaining the right nutrition whilst enjoying what they eat. Meat and animal derivatives, Fish and Fish derivatives (4% Salmon, 4% Trout), Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals. Protein: 9.2%, Fat content: 4.8%, Crude Ash: 1.4%, Crude Fibres: 0.4%, Moisture: 79.3% Vitamins: Vitamin D₃: 200IU/kg, Vitamin E: 100mg/kg. Trace elements: Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: 1.8mg/kg, Potassium iodide: 0.37mg/kg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate: 2.1mg/kg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate: 32mg/kg.
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