TRIXIE accompanies you and your pet from birth into old age, at home and on tour, for games and sports, and in every season with suitable products.     
In doing that, we do not only take into account the different preferences and needs of all breeds, we also keep an eye on current trends.      
In short: TRIXIE has something suitable for every animal lover in our product range. That is not only due to our wide product range with 6,500 items, but also to our excellent price-performance ratio.


Trixie offers top-quality products designed to enrich every aspect of your dog's life. From interactive toys to nutritious treats, we prioritize safety and durability. Discover the difference with Trixie and enhance your bond with your furry friend today.


Trixie offers premium products designed to enrich your cat's life. From toys to treats, our range prioritizes safety and fun. Discover Trixie and strengthen your bond with your feline friend today.


Trixie understands the unique needs of our feathered friends. Our bird products are crafted with care to enhance their comfort and well-being. From cozy perches to stimulating toys, Trixie provides top-quality solutions for your avian companion. Explore Trixie and make your bird's world a happier place.


Trixie is dedicated to enriching the lives of exotic animals. Our products are designed to stimulate their senses and provide essential enrichment. Whether it's habitat accessories or dietary supplements, Trixie offers premium solutions for exotic pets. Trust Trixie to elevate your exotic animal's quality of life.


Trixie understands the importance of ensuring rodents thrive in their environment. Our products are tailored to meet their unique needs, from cozy bedding to interactive toys. With a focus on safety and comfort, Trixie provides top-quality solutions for your small pets. Discover Trixie and make your rodent's world a better place.

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