From the clumsy youngster, to the active adult, to the leisurely senior – at every stage of life, your dog or cat will have different requirements for their food and the nutrients it contains. With EUKANUBA, you can offer your four-legged companion a wholesome, tasty food at every stage of life that is optimally adapted to their changing nutritional needs. But that's not all: Especially for dogs the nutritional needs depend not only on his stage in life, but also on its size. That is why we divide most of our dog food ranges within the age groups puppy, junior adult, mature and senior, once again according to different breed sizes. In this way you can offer your animal companion a tailored nutrition that supports a lifelong wellbeing.

Dog food

Our dry foods contain everything your dog needs: A high share of animal protein plus all essential vitamins and minerals, carefully adapted to breed, size, and age. Not to mention, just the right amount of fibre for healthy digestion.

Cat food

We know that pets are individual with a personal temperament, an own character and sometimes also with special nutritional demands. These special needs can be due to their life circumstances but also due to health issues. To meet these special nutritional demands, EUKANUBA has developed a range of functional foods with tailored recipes to support the wellbeing of your pet.

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