Our story began when we set out to create food for cats based on one simple idea that what our pets eat is just as important as what we eat.

It all comes down to our belief that every day, and every mealtime, is an opportunity for discovery. By feeding our cats’ natural curiosity, we give their bellies and their minds everything they need to flourish.

For us, there's nothing more important than the food we feed our purring pals. We make all our dishes from ingredients that naturally keep our cats happy, healthy and hungry for more adventure.

Dog food

Turn dry dog food into a tail-wagging taste sensation.

Applaws Taste Toppers are a range of exciting complementary meals that will tickle your dog’s taste buds and get their tails wagging.

Cat food

Provides a natural source of taurine, arginine
and essential amino acids, Applaws cat food is packed with high quality nutrition for adventures big and small.

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