8in1 Flavours Triple Flavour Bone S

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8in1 Flavours chewing bone for dogs weighing 5-10 kg. Pork and beef skin, wrapped in tasty chicken breast meat, keeps your dog active. With a long, happy chew, it helps your dog reduce tooth decay and tartar build-up. High protein - no added sugar, flavour enhancers, GMOs or artificial preservatives. Feeding instructions. Use the treat as a reward during exercise and to supplement your pet's diet. Always provide access to fresh water. Keep your dog's food close to you when chewing. Supplementary food for adult dogs. Ingredients: beef skin (43%), chicken breast meat (17.9%), pork skin (17.9%), rice, glycerol, tapioca starch, table salt, sorbitol. Analytical composition: proteins 86%, fat 3%, crude fibre 0,8%, crude sugar 3%. Additives: colouring agents.
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