8in1 Excel Glucosamine 55TB

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8in1 Excel Glucosamine 55TB

- 8 in 1 Excel Glucosamine tablets contain glucosamine and stabilized vitamin C to ensure joint health and mobility of your dog.
- Glucosamine is a part of connective, cartilaginous tissues and synovial fluid.
- Daily use of glucosamine improves the regeneration of joint tissues and prevents its destruction, so your pet will not experience discomfort.
- Vitamin C promotes the production of collagen, supports the elasticity of connective tissue and ligaments.

Composition: Glucosamine hydrochloride, dicalcium phosphate, dihydrate, brewer's dried yeast, stearic acid, Glycerol.

Analysis: Crude protein 22%, Crude oils and fats 4%, Crude fibre 2%, Crude ash 35%, moisture 8%, calcium 9%.

Additives: Vitamin C 30000 mg/kg.

Dosage: 1 tablet: < 10kg, 2 tablets: 11-20kg, 3 tablets: 21-30kg, 4 tablets: > 30kg

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